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Commercial Remodeling

Whether you’ve recently taken over the lease on a new commercial space or your current business needs a sizeable refresher, Renew Construction LLC are the commercial remodeling specialists to overhaul and repurpose any commercial interior or exterior.  

When you’re looking to breathe new life into your business’s space, contact us at (575) 308-1404 for excellent customer service and craftsmanship.

Your Commercial Renovation Experts

At Renew Construction LLC, we’re devoted to providing our clients with high-value, stress-free commercial renovation experiences. Our industry knowledge and training run deep, allowing us to offer incredible rates on efficient and organized renovations. Our years serving the local business community have given us a wealth of invaluable experience with which we’ve mastered our process. If you’d like to know more about our highly developed remodeling expertise and skills, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a consultation.

Highly Ranked Commercial Remodeling Company

The detailed, precise way we work has helped us become one of the area’s most popular commercial remodeling companies. Regardless of the scope or location of a project, we handle it with the same diligence and attention to detail, overseeing every inch of the build and ensuring everything is structurally sound and up to code.

Our streamlined process consists of several vital steps, including:

  • Assessment: We consult with the business owner to understand their exact wishes for their commercial renovation.
  • Engineering and design: We develop a detailed plan and design, including a list of products and materials required for the project.
  • Estimate: We calculate a cost estimate that includes labor hours, subcontractor hours, vendor products and materials, and all other costs.
  • Contract signing: We complete formal documentation stating the agreed-upon pricing and completion date.
  • Logistics: We collect any required permits or licenses, schedule inspector visits and vendor deliveries, and work out subcontractor services.

Ensuring everything is in order and everyone is on the same page before construction begins ensures an outstanding build and smooth process. We complete each of the above steps before demolition and construction commences and maintain communication between the client and project manager from the initial assessment to the final walkthrough.

Office Remodeling Contractors

Office renovations can bring exciting changes to your workspace as we open up spaces for employees and managers to communicate and collaborate. Our office remodeling contractors are adept at technological advancements in the industry and can modernize every office space. Some of the construction services we bring to the table include:

  • Framing
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • Drywalling
  • Sheetrock
  • Flooring
  • Window installations
  • Door services
  • Painting
  • …and more!

Flexible Commercial Renovation Services

No project is too big or small for our commercial renovation services experts. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all that’s needed to breathe new life into a dull space while other times a more comprehensive overhaul is required. Whatever the case, we work within business owners’ budgets to maximize the impact of the work they opt for.

Contact Renew Construction LLC for Commercial Remodeling Services

Our skillful, certified, and insured team of experts is excited to help your business be its best self. Reach us at (575) 308-1404 whenever you’re ready to start on the path towards a successful remodel!

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