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Home Additions

Renew Construction LLC home addition contractors specialize in making the most out of existing properties. From interior changes to full extensions and second stories, our workmanship improves your enjoyment of your home and adds long-lasting value to your property.

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Functional House Additions to Increase Space

A growing family can feel like it’s outgrowing your beloved home when another member is about to be born or when the small members become teenagers and suddenly not so small. Your house might start feeling like a tight fit, but moving is an ordeal full of heartache, and you don’t want to leave unless you must. Fortunately, we specialize in opening up new spaces in existing homes to allow families the fullest use of their homes. Whether you’re planning to build out or up, call on our expert contractors to give your family some breathing room.

Benefitting from Room Additions

Repurposing space is a Renew Construction LLC specialty. We love transforming underused rooms into functional spaces with many benefits. Multigenerational living becomes possible when a newly refinished basement becomes a grandparent’s apartment with a private entrance and kitchen. If you’re transitioning to a work-from-home lifestyle, a new room can become your at-home office. Another basement apartment might become a source of income if rented out. Whatever your needs, let us help you devise a plan that benefits your household!

Talented Home Addition Contractors

Our employees are fully trained and well-practiced construction experts. We’re licensed and insured addition contractors with experience designing and building many different types of house addition projects. Our reputation for quality has spread by word of mouth from our satisfied customers who have experienced firsthand the wonderful outcomes of our home addition projects. 

Popular Home Additions

Over the years, we’ve performed countless successful builds ranging from minor tweaks to significant upgrades. Some of our most popular projects include:

  • Glamorous his-and-her walk-in closets
  • Master bathroom suites
  • Second-story additions over the home or garage
  • Living room bump-outs
  • Screened-in front porches
  • Year-round seasonal back deck solariums
  • Outdoor living room or kitchens
  • Home office for part- or full-time work from home
  • Garage conversion to gym, yoga studio, or teen bedroom

Room Addition Decisions

Renew Construction LLC home addition experts can help make any room more useful and enjoyable. Our detailed process begins with our initial visit to the site, where we assess the proposed addition and discuss your plans with you in detail. We then develop a cost estimate for the job, which is communicated to you in advance of any work beginning. Once everything is agreed upon, we support you in making the best choices for your project in materials, design, architecture, and technological upgrades. We put your knowledge and experience at your disposal to plan the perfect addition to blend with your home seamlessly.

House Additions in Progress

Our home addition construction process begins with demolition and removal of debris. We clean the area where your addition will be constructed before raising the frame, laying the floor, and hanging the drywall. We paint, attach fixtures, install furnishings, and finish with plumbing and electrical. What’s left is a structurally sound, purposeful addition to enjoy and bring value to the home.

Call Renew Construction LLC for the Home Addition You’ve Always Wanted

The extra space you need is one phone call away. Please contact us at (575) 308-1404 to book your assessment and start the process.

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