Chimney Repairs in Eunice

Renew Construction LLC is so invested in keeping chimneys and fireplaces safe that we offer no obligation assessments and consultations and prepare no commitment estimates. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with our equipment, efficiency, knowledge, customer service, and prices, and we look forward to providing you with necessary chimney repairs.

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Chimney Expertise from Renew Construction LLC

Our chimney company is certified, licensed, and insured. We’re a legitimate group of industry specialists who studied and practiced for years before gaining the experience we’re now proud to boast. Renew Construction LLC chimney repair contractors are invested in restoring chimneys to safe conditions due to the inherent danger of a broken chimney.

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Knowledgeable Chimney Repair Contractors

We’re reliable craftsmen that can be trusted on a roof to safely inspect for any problems and damage. We lower a camera into the chimney for a complete view of the flue’s condition and share our findings with the client during the consultation. We review strategies for repair that will make a chimney entirely safe to use without blowing the bank.

Trustworthy Chimney Repair Companies

We work around the client’s schedule, but depending on the severity of a chimney’s damage, we sometimes recommend the work be done as soon as possible. We can even make chimney repairs without anyone there – this frees our clients to go about working or performing usual daily activities while prioritizing the safety of their homes with our help.

Excellent Chimney Cap Repair

The chimney cap caps off the top of the chimney, preventing entry from rain, snow, birds, animals, and debris. It’s an essential piece of the chimney puzzle, as water can cause terrible damage to a fireplace and chimney, as can a blockage. As for secure, specialized chimney cap repair or replacement, Renew Construction LLC’s got it covered.

Precise Chimney Flue Repair

The chimney flue separates a fire in the fireplace’s heat rising in the chimney from the chimney’s building materials. It contains heat in a helpful way, making it energy efficient as a means to warm the home. A poorly installed chimney flue needs repair quickly, as usage has severe and life-threatening risks. Call Renew Construction LLC for a 360-degree flue view and expert chimney flue repair.

Chimney Leak Repair

A chimney can leak in multiple places, allowing water in to contaminate with mold, rust the flue, and soften mortar until it crumbles. We’re available on short notice for professional chimney leak repair. Signs you have a chimney leak are:

  • Musty, mildewy smell coming from fireplace
  • Cracked brickwork inside and outside
  • Crumbling brickwork inside and outside
  • Walls and ceiling around the chimney look wet, water stained or feel damp
  • Audible water drips in chimney
  • Water in the fireplace or condensation on enclosure doors

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